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05. August 2009

300 Jahre: Bartholomeu de Gusmão beweist das Prinzip "Leichter als Luft"

Dear Balloonists from all over the World! On 8th August 2009 we celebrate 300 years since Bartholomeu de Gusmão made a small hot air paper balloon fly up to 4 meters in front of the king of Portugal and his court. This was the first time a lighter than air object flew. Later in the same year he made the test in open air and then proved that a hot air balloon could fly.

Last year on 8th August a very special celebration took place at the Congress House in Sao Paulo and this day became the official Ballooning Day in Brazil in honor of Bartholomeu de Gusmão.

To celebrate our day it has been organized in Santos, Brazil, a special Saturday (8th august 2009) full of activities related to ballooning with presentations for kids, exhibition with information on Bartholomeu de Gusmão and ballooning, demonstrations of a model balloon and tether flights by the beach.

We would like that you also take part in this celebration flying in your country at the same day so we can all be connected for the Ballooning Day!

There is a special flag for the pilots applying for this special flight before 8th August. Just send an email to contato@balonismonoar.com.br with the pilot's name and the country where the flight will be done. After the flight you’ll be asked to send a short report, the takeoff and landing positions and one picture.
You can find more information on this event at www.balonismonoar.com.br (there is an English version for the pilots) or www.300anos.org (official website in Portuguese only).

Please, feel free to pass this message on to other pilots you know!
Let's fly together and make the ballooning world be connected for one day on 8th August 2009!

Soft winds, Gabriela Slavec (300 years Committee)


Quelle: Chair of the CIA Public and Media Relations SC (Nicole Haggeney)

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