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26. Mai 2013

You can buy a CIA Competition Logger now!

The CIA Competition Logger project was started in 2007 and was developed by the Ballooning Commission New Technology subcommittee (CIA/NTSC). Under the guidance and control of the CIA NTSC, professional devices based on the Flytec 6020 Flight instrument, and on firmware developed by Marc André from André-Netline eBusiness-Solutions, have been designed and built by Flytec of Switzerland. Currently FAI/CIA owns a pool of 110 devices and these devices are used throughout the world for balloon competitions including World and European championships. A dedicated homepage with lots of information, as well as an on-line tutorial designed by Mathijs de Bruijn, has been set up to help pilots and competition officials to efficiently use the loggers.

In March 2013 the CIA decided at its Plenary Meeting in Rio de Janeiro that the CIA Competition Loggers may now also be bought by any individual or organization. The devices are available through the Flytec dealership worldwide. Pricing and other device information can be found on the buy-a-logger page.

All loggers are entitled for unlimited firmware upgrade. Support documents and instructions can be found on the CIA Competition Logger homepage. Hardware support is provided by Flytec and software support by the New Technology Subcommittee of the FAI Ballooning Commission.

JC Weber, president

FAI Ballooning Commission

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