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22. Dezember 2015

Weltrangliste der Heißluftballonpiloten - Dezember 2015

Uwe Schneider und David Strasmann in den TOP TEN.

CIA WORLD RANKING LIST– HOT AIR BALLOONING - 2015 of the Commission International Aérostatique (CIA) within the Fédération Aéronautique International (FAI)

Version Dezember 2015 includes 729 Pilots from 37 Nations

The World Ranking List was first established in 2000. Its purpose is to show a ranking of the top hot air balloon pilots of the world. The list is established by a calculation formula that includes the results of the World Championships, the World Air Games and to minor effect the competitor's national ranking position. The list is updated whenever new results of the World Championships or the World Air Games are available.
The intention of this World Ranking List is to provide a performance comparison among pilots of the world. This World Ranking List is not to be used for invitational purposes!
The calculation formula of this Ranking List was established over 10 years ago and might be adapted. Intention: Uploading NAC Results should not modify the list below rank 100.
A service by the Competitors Subcommittee of the CIA / FAI. Detailed explanation is available on request.

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